Silver Fox Company Co., Ltd.

Silver Fox Company has developed own brand since established on 1995. As a result, Silver Fox Company is exporting products to around 50 countries. For example, East South Asia, Middle east, Africa, Europe, South America, Etc as exporting promising company and also technology excellence venture company. Silver Fox Company had...

Hyundai International Inc.

Our company has specialized in distributing body dryer in domestics and overseas with its online and offline networks. Our company supplies this product to hotels, spas, fitness facilities, golf clubs, swimming pool, public bath house, other various facilities, and to individual buyers in Korea. Currently our company has a standing...

Lashevan Korea Inc.

Lashevan Korea is a men’s underwear specialized company based in Korea. Almost 10 years ago when no one paid attention to men’s functional underwear market, Lashevan initiated the study and development of men’s underwear and became a pioneer in the market with a series of remarkable achievements. Based on its...


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