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Buttle Information Systems

In 1998, Buttle Information Systems was separated from KIA Information System, which is the IT Solution Company of Hyundai/Kia Motors Group.

At that moment, KIA-IS developed CRM solutions for the first in Korea, maintaining world class skills.​
Buttle Information System has developed CRM solutions for over 25 years, which led to number one in Korean market share.

The development was based on the response to Korean culture preferring to direct call and to things done fast. This also led to one stop service solutions.
Buttle Information Systems is expanding its business to South East Asia, starting with Beijing cooperation in 2005, with a vision to have South-East Asia and European Market shares.

In specially, Buttle Information Systems selected as Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service, 2014 by Gartner which is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.

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Sungmin Networks is a medical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company established in 1999. Sungmin Networks’ main products are soft CRM, talk CRM. It is focusing on researching and developing services such as “SoftCTI,” “Soft Front,” and “Soft Mobile” that focus on CRM solutions. It is registered in more than 200 hospitals, including ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and family medicine.

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Sijung Co., Ltd.

Sijung is a research institute established as a technology investor of Korea Standard Science Institute. We are developing not only the optical visibility meter but also the Image visibility meter based on the invested visibility meter system technology. The world’s first Image visibility meter using artificial intelligence. We are trying to commercialize and have a lot of related patents.

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T3Q Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2007, T3Q Co., Ltd. has secured software technologies such as open source, software architecture, big data, IoT, deep learning, and development methodologies under the slogan of reducing time by one-third and increasing quality by three times over the past 10 years. Then, it has focused on distributing technologies and platforms to companies such as Samsung SDS, KT/KTDS, Hyundai Motor, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, SK Corp. and Korea Electric Power Corp.

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Pablo Air Co., Ltd.

PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd. Is a group gathered with a big dream of drones to lead the world drone market .
Starting with a UAV swarm flight solution, we will grow into a group that leads a variety of solutions for UAV.LEAD THE GLOBAL UAV MARKET

Global leader leading the world drone market

With the cornerstone of technology, innovation, passion, pride, trust and harmony, we will grow into the best company in the industry.

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Joyfun, Inc.

Joyfun Co., Ltd. is a representative real-life mixed reality technology company in Korea. We are developing and serving JoyFitness, an unmanned fitness coaching service platform, by combining JoyFit device and artificial intelligence technology using motion-reactive mixed reality technology.
We also play a leading role in ICT technology international standards organizations such as IEEE 3079, IEEE 2888. We are a world-class technology venture company that stands out in the field of digital virtualization and mixed reality.

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Fotias Inc. has global networks in IT services and RF products.

We provide reliable and faithful service to our customers

We offer innovateive solutions in IT industries.

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Our proud company had modest beginnings. Established in 2007, NISIUSA is headquartered in Dallas. It services some of the larger cities in Texas, including Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Currently, NISIUSA employs nearly 100 workers and the company is looking to continue its growth. It is continuing to hire and train new technicians to become not just the best service center in Texas but also eventually the entire US. NISIUSA trains new prospects in efficient technological skills as well as exceptional customer care. We will do our best to make our customer’s experience one to remember with our welcoming customer service.

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Connectivity Global Pte. Ltd. (CG) is a Singapore basedcompany that is formed between KIWONTECH, a SouthKorean cybersecurity company, and a team of localprofessionals with deep expertise on IT infrastructureand solutions. CG develops and sells its own emailsecurity solutions using innovative artificial intelligence(AI) technology. The company has proven itself to be a leader incybersecurity solutions in Singapore with their heroproduct, Receive GUARD, which has proven to besuperior over current solutions available in the market.Receive GUARD is available on cloud and on-premisesto protect organisations from Business EmailCompromise(BEC) attacks. This solution is suitable forall types of organisations, including governmentagencies, multi-national companies and small mediumenterprises.

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At NTSYS, we believe a company is a place that provides you with the opportunity to do what you enjoy and get paid for it, and we have been led by this since day one in June 2012. From there on, it has been a journey of building a record of excellence for the quality of our products and services. With more passionate and smarter engineers joining us along the way, we have explored and perfectioned ourselves through a large variety of projects in different industries. What started like a bold experience to make a living while doing what we loved, has now grown to be an acknowledgeable company in Korea through consistent high-quality service provided to various public and private partners across Korea and overseas.

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3DTADA Co., Ltd.

3DTADA Co., Ltd. has developed TADACRAFT, the easiest 3D modeling software, with its own technology to lead the popularization of 3D printing and maker education.
In addition, in recognition of the educational value of TADACRAFT, we signed an MOU with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea to lead maker education, and we are distributing and training TADACRAFT to elementary, middle and high schools.

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Solusseum, Inc.

As one of the market leaders in protection and recovery of computer systems, Solusseum Inc. is committed to maintaining the optimal operating environment of our customers’ system to maximize customer value.Our business areas include the development of solutions for instant recovery of computer systems,
provision of module-based solutions, and service provision based on the use of solutions.
Hundreds of thousands of users in more than 10 countries around the world are utilizing our solutions.

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Easynetwoks Co., Ltd.

Easynetwoks Co., Ltd. was established in June 2000 and has been growing by continuously managing professional rental services to government public institutions and businesses for 20 years as a comprehensive rental service business for information devices, video equipment, and office equipment.
In 2008, it was designated as a three-party government procurement item by developing and manufacturing energy-related eco-friendly products by the Environment-Friendly Business Department and supplied them to government offices, educational facilities, and the Ministry of National Defense.
At the end of 2017, “ecover-ecover,” an integrated brand of eco-friendly energy, aims to improve indoor air quality using IOT and artificial intelligence, along with product development, manufacturing, and management services that are suitable for environmental business of improving indoor air quality and saving energy, as well as entering overseas markets.

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Cable & Accessories total supply service since 2004.

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Thingscare, Inc.

Thingscare Inc. is one of software vendors for IoT / Digital Signage Management (Remote Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance) and Connected Factory.

We focus High Availability of IoT / Digital Signage with Big Data Analysis.

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Tekton Space, Inc.

Tekton Space is a VR/AR contents producing company mainly focusing on producing training &
education contents. We have also produced Coffee Barista VR Vocational Training Program (not an
experience program) to provide it to those who need special vocational training.
If given the opportunity, we would like to provide our contents for those who need VR
training/education in abroad.

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DataStreams Co., LTD.

Data Streams build world leading solutions that process, manage and deliver your data securely and efficiently across any and every data platform. We always start with a good understanding of customer needs from our plentiful experience in data management. We have the capabilities to diagnose customers’ data and figure our improvement directions, which is a vital step towards successful solution implementation. We have more complete product line-ups than our competitors which cover both big data integration and big data governance, which enable customer to do a step by step incremental data management deployment that does not have a major impact on their ongoing operations based on their data management capabilities, business road map, and system environment. Most importantly, we offered our solutions at a more reasonable price than foreign solutions to reduce TCO, with a wide range of functionalities, improved performance, and convenient technical support.

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Bigster, Inc.

Big data analysisBigdataAnalysis& Consulting -Analysis, modeling and consulting by bigdataanalysis experts
-Optimize Analysis / Consulting Methodology
Building BigdataPlatform
-Open data collection/processing architecture
-Free architecture such as formal/non-regular, vertical/horizontal, etc.
-Codeless analysis architecture
Building BlockchainPlatform
-BlockchainPlatform “Bowledger” based on HyperledgerFabric
-Strengthen security through double cryptographic encryption
(patent registration)
-Includes various block chain management features
-Optimized consulting for block chain services

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Pangpang, Inc.

PangPang is a company that provides solutions to companies by developing ticket sales solutions, cloud hosting, and product recommendation solutions.

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CobaltRay Co., Ltd.

About CobaltRay Co., CobaltRay Co., Ltd. Is established in 2006 by Allen Cho. We, Cobaltray Co., Ltd., do not stick to its private brand, and on the basis of the ability of developing software hardware and our knowhow of outsourcing management for years. we can develop and deliver working samples closed to completed goods at inexpensive development costs in the shortest time so that customer companies can get immediate and actual market responses and the risks before mass-production can be minimized. We aim at the professional design house that provide One-Stop Service from development to mass-production in order to constitute reasonable prices through production in Chinese local factory in accordance with OEM.Now, we are planning to extend our business into overseas market which targeted count USA, Europe, China and rise are Indonesia, Philippine, Bangladesh etc.

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KOSMIC is a group of small and medium IT solution vendors.
KOSMIC is a gathering for overseas business.
KOSMIC is an integrated solution provider with vertical integration by sector.

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SRTechnology Co., Ltd.

SRTechnology specializes in designing and manufacturing passive devices. SRT’s team has years of experience assisting customers worldwide with our RF and microwave component requirements. R&D is our top priority, resulting in high quality products at fair prices.

Our Mission
• Supply high-quality products, on time to our customer
• Working closely with our customers to optimize their project outcomes
• Offering highly reliable products at competitive prices

Why SRTechnology?
• SRT puts customer satisfaction first
• SRT has two decades of experience supplying high-performance, high-reliability products
• SRT has supplied thousands of components to telecommunication, defense and commercial markets
• SRT has hundreds of standard designs that can be quickly and easily modified to suit your requirements
• SRT has a 3-year product warranty
• SRT offers quick-turn production capability
• SRT stocks sufficient quantities of products on the shelf for immediate delivery
• SRT is ISO 9001-certified
• SRT employs an efficient Customer Relationship Management system

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CI Solutions Co., Ltd.

CI Solutions Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing security solution and consultation services for companies and business in demand from initial set up to operation.
As a business specialized in S/W sales and ‘INNOBIZ Verified’, CI Solutions Co., Ltd. will make the utmost effort to provide satisfactory and quality service for clients.

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