Sky Farm Co., Ltd.

Sky Farm Co., Ltd (Agricultural Corporation), the fresh-cut agricultural product speciality industry, has produced products, based on years of skilled know-how to deliver them to elementary, middle and high schools all around the world, and large marts such as E-mart, from 1998 on.
This company has been evaluated as the industry managing good-quality agricultural products for a clean and healthy production and management by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service. This has been certified G-Mark, Gyeonggi-do and eco-friendly management.
We carry out a strict quality control throughout the whole process of purchasing, producing and selling raw materials, and handle fresh products by means of cold chain system.
We pay attention to luring good-quality raw materials through a contract farming with the producing farm, and provide safe food through a systemic production and management.

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Dakyung, Inc., an Agricultural Co.

We hope that your home will be full of health and happiness with the best freshness, and we will do our best to become Dakyung, Inc., an Agricultural Co., which does its best for the production of better products with trust and trust.

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