DMS International Co., Ltd.

DMS International Co., Ltd. specializes in medical skincare & Dermo-Cosmetics and deals with products that strengthen and defense the collapsed skin barriers based on the outside-in therapy theory that emphasizes the importance of the stratum corneum. Our brand 'Corthe' was developed based on the proposed management method of DMS International...


ARIDERMA has developed the skin care products specialized in esthetic shops, clinics or spas and also launched the homecare product, ARiGEN72h premium milk peel collection on December 2020 with that know-how, which can use at home easily and conveniently like the treatment of the esthetic experts. For all health into...


Acmedi Korea Co., Ltd. located in Seoul, is a company that exports specialized medical devices, cosmetics and medicines used in beauty clinics and dermatology. We are exporting to all over the world along with Acmedi Korea own brands such as Vegaplax (plasma device), Plamon, Dermaren, Luclane, Divienus, and Philos.

Rose Medical Co., Ltd.

Rose Medical creates values ​​for everyone, not mine. “Innovative ideas, and safely and reliably” At Rose Medical, we aim to create a product that can increase the value of everyone, not the one that can increase my own value based on the three criteria of idea, stability and certainty.


GCS Co., Ltd. is a professional medical device and cosmeceutical manufacturer that manufactures, produces and distributes various medical and beauty products with the goal of “customer satisfaction, trust, practice, value creation, customer love” through steady growth since its foundation in 2010. It is a venture company that exports to all...

Hanna Isul Skin Therapy Inc.

HANNA means “Gift of God” and ISUL means “Morning Dew”. The seven grapes on the logo signify “Perfect and Abundant Life”. Our founder, Myong Chong, chose these names to communicate the reality of a holistic skin therapy through the use of her products. Hanna Isul™ Skin Therapy is much more...

Specialized Medical Device

SMED corporation, established in 2002, is leading the provision of more precise and helpful medical information of hospitals and other major medical institutions by developing / producing a digital media based medical information system called “Medi Frame ” along with the KT corporation. SMED is now preparing to enter the...


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