Mr. Chris O’Brien
Director of Economic Development,
Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Christa Slejko
President & CEO,
Dallas College North Lake Campus

Mr. Joseph Chapa
Vice President for International Affairs & Sister Cities,
Irving-Las Colinas Chamber

Erik Erlandson
Principal Software Engineer - Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI CoE) @ Red Hat

Fatih E Nar
Chief Architect, Telco Partner Solution @ Red Hat & former Google, Verizon, Ubuntu, and Ericsson employee

Sul Lee
Sul Lee Law Firm

Bryant Son(손지민)
Senior Consultant @ Red Hat & President, Founder, and CTO @ KAITA

JaeKwang Song(송재광)
Sys. Engineering Specialist,
CJ 올리브네트웍스

Han Woo Seok(석한울)
Senior Autonomous Vehicle Engineer,
Sensible 4 OY (Finland)

Jesse Jeong(정휘웅)
수석 연구원
(Senior Researcher),
리노스 부설연구소

Hyun Byung Park(박현병)
인공지능 오리, KAITA

Namsoo Choi(최남수)
Chief Marketing Officer at KAITA and Azure DevOps Engineer

Chung Kim
Chief Architect,
Red Hat

Will Hohyon Ryu(유호현)
Founder & CEO,
OXOpolitics Inc.
전 Airbnb Engineer

Dennis Jung(정동근)
Android Developer, GM

Daniel Oh
Principal Marketing
Manager, Red Hat

Edwin Kwon
Startup Coach & Friend,
Connector, BD Exec,
Fund Raising + M&A Consultant

Juan Alvarez
Texas Instruments

Dr. Ryan McMahan
Associate Professor of Computer Science, UT Dallas

Dr. Carrie Straub
Executive Director, Mursion

Sherif Mityas
CIO and chief experience officer, TGI Friday's

Michael Murphy,
CTO Americas, Nokia

Gopal Gupta, Ph.D.
department head - department of computer science, UT Dallas

John Randall, Ph.D.
President, Zyvex Labs

Dr. Pardeep K. Shori, DO
Family Medicine Specialist

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